BT and DJ P-Love and we are having great fun! Rehearsals have been exciting, exhilarating, and weird. How often do you see an orchestral part like this:



It’s worth noting that John Oswald’s quirky, bilingual multimedia piece Homonymy necessitated his creating two new fonts, as well as a set of text, a film, and a piece of music. (Can you say “Renaissance Man”? Yes, yes you can, and you should.) The view from above:


Did you know that Jacquie Leggatt’s Variations on Exact Tensions is based on a knitting pattern? Yes, it’s true, and the full name will be revealed tomorrow evening.

There will also be some gorgeous songs by André Previn with texts by Toni Morrison. Featuring glorious soprano Monica Huisman, cellist Ariel Barnes, and pianist Linda Lee Thomas. (If you’re not there, you will regret missing these. I promise.)


lightning-fast reflexesepic

TLDR: February 22, 7:30 PM, Orpheum Annex, Vancouver: Music by John Oswald, Jacquie Leggatt, André Previn, Poul Ruders, Zosha Di Castri, and Nicole Lizée. Epic.